What does AnalyzeWords do?
AnalyzeWords helps reveal your personality by looking at how you use words. It is based on good scientific research connecting word use to who people are. So go to town - enter your Twitter name or the handles of friends, lovers, or Hollywood celebrities to learn about their emotions, social styles, and the ways they think.

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Analysis of tweets from gemfatale
(13 most recent words - 19th July, 2018)

There are only 13 words in your tweets so the results may not have much meaning.
You really need at least 50 words.

Emotional Style

 Upbeat (Very low)   9 
 Worried (Low)   21 
 Angry (Very low)   16 
 Depressed (Very high)   99 

Social Style

 Plugged In (Average)   55 
 Personable (Low)   39 
 Arrogant/Distant (Very low)   3 
 Spacy/Valley girl (Very low)   13 

Thinking Style

 Analytic (Very high)   84 
 Sensory (Very low)   10 
 In-the-moment (Very high)   99 

Tweets analyzed from gemfatale:

I DON'T TWEET HERE ANYMORE! My new Twitter name is @Gem_RC xoxo